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Jun 20, 2013 1:00pm EDT
of the monetary stimulus out of the equation if the economy is getting better. and he says, the economy is showing signs of getting better and we think by year end and into 2014, it's going to be better still. so we anticipate being able to take away some of the scaffolding around this building and let it see whether it can stand on its own two feet. why is that bad news? why are commodities, stocks and bonds selling off on what, really, you could interpret as good news? >> i think it really isn't bad news, and i do think that much of what chairman bernanke said yesterday was in line with market expectations, but it clearly wasn't in line with investor positioning. so people are selling because they had a different expectation of where the fed was going to be. we now have a situation where there is some concern coming out of the markets, are the feds going to move too soon? i think that's unlikely. inflation continues to fall, so we're in a disinflationary environment. i think the feds' investments on employment are probably accurate, so i think as we look at the second half of the year, positions
Jun 19, 2013 1:00pm EDT
consequential meeting for markets and the federal reserve in terms of guiding markets and guiding the economy on policy here. i want to give you some tips that i think is a way to listen to bernanke today. i think you want to watch the forecast, the 2.6% gdp growth, the average for 2013 and the 7.4% unemployment rate. those could both come down here. unemployment could actually go either way, but i think it might come down here. watch the tapering guidance of the the market bet is that there is not a taper at this meeting, but bernanke could lay the groundwork for september or sooner. rates versus qe. listen to the chairman try to talk. we expect this, that he'll start to say, you know what, bernanke could strive to convince the markets that tapering does not mean a rate hike, and finally i would expect the third degree on the third term. expect many questions on whether bernanke wants to stay or if, you know, he's been fired. one thing i want to show you is the ten-year. we'll be asking the fed chairman about traits and whether the rise in rates is something that the fed wants to have happen
Jun 21, 2013 1:00pm EDT
't think the economy is that strong yet. that would be another conversation on the line, but i think the interest rate -- the jump in interest rates is more once again of a knee jerk reaction. >> do you agree with that, because it does feel as though we're kind of at an infliction point in terms of rates, and this has been a really big backup this week in rates even though we're still at historically low levels. >> as much as i love kenny, i disagree with the big guy. an overreaction, no. we aren't seeing an overreaction. big ben. came out with the bernanke belly flop when he inadvertently suggested that they can move the stimulus or even taper on unemployment target. went from 6.9% up to 7%. that was huge, and that's when the ripple effects and the tsunami came into the treasury pits behind me. they began selling it, and right now, sue, severe technical damage, so the treasury market, obviously 7 and above, 2.40 in the ten-year note is very difficult. equity bounced off this 100-day moving average of 15.75 which coincides with the multi-year high. a lot of people were caught offside
Jun 18, 2013 1:00pm EDT
of different economies, but housing is key to the u.s. economic recovery along with jobs. how does it look to you? >> i come home from my travels i see it in my own street, that a developer bought the property opposite of us, completely overhauling the original house and building a new one right next to it, kind of noisy. sends me back in my travels again. the infliction point happened, i can tell you when it happened, whenity remortgaged and fixed, and from that moment on you've seen the tightening beginning, and this is going to be a very interesting challenge for the housing recovery as we get further indications from the fed tomorrow that there's tightening coming. that's already begun to affect mortgage rates, and if there's one thing that could cool things down it's going to be a sense that the party is over in terms of quantitative easing. >> diana, weigh in on that, you've made the very points that there may be a cooling of course, but as rates rise it may get people off the couch and into contracts. >> yeah. that's a very short-term phenomenon, and i'd be interested to hear from n
Jun 17, 2013 1:00pm EDT
, so when does that mess over there start forcing gasoline prices higher and maybe the economy, not just here, but globally lower? sue is at the new york stock exchange. hi, sue. >> hi, ty. food to see you. when a monday on wall street to start out week. the dow has been on the move, smartly higher. right now a triple-digit advance on the dow right now of 166 points. the s&p and nasdaq also in green territory with the s&p up just better than 1%, and the nasdaq is up 1.25%, so actually the nasdaq is faring the west of the three indices 3-m, delphi a hitting all-time highs and boeing, staples, amat hitting 52-week highs. the dow having a triple-digit move, but this is the fifth straight move th session where we've seen that kind of move. a look at the vix and we'll talk about that in just a second. the last week it was up 8%, and that brings us to bob pisani who also tracks the volatility. >> we do, and while it's been up since may 22nd when mr. bernanke gave his congressional testimony, the important thing is steady as she goes. the last few days, real found a floor. look at the
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5